Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Well it's another snow free day here in CT. Not that I mind, I did miss having a White Christmas though. To me there is always something magical about snow and the way it sparkles especially in the early morning hours. Mind you I did not miss the shoveling or the ice.

I have been trying to be productive this morning, haven't gotten very far, but the thought is what counts right? Actually I have been sitting here and untangling cord so that I can get moving on the OTTBS January challenge. I have a grand idea in my head, just not sure how it's going to turn out yet.

Other then that, not much else going on aside from procrastination on the organizing front.

Was enjoying watching Morning Glory until Netflix died...

Ok now I'm just blabbering on....so I'll sign off before I go off on any random tangents that make no sense whatsoever except to the voices running amok inside my head.

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